GOOD SAMARITAN: Qualifications for your self-care

Posted on July 18, 2016

Taking care of ourselves is the hardest job we can ever sign up for. We tend to be really good at working towards meeting others’ needs and allowing our own well-being to be put to the side. If I were an employment agency, how would I find “workers” to fill my “self-care” positions?

I suppose I would start with what positions are open: At-home assistant, order puller, greeter, call center dispatchers, EMT, taxi drivers, teachers — those are just some of the roles people fulfill on a daily basis that fall under the “jobs” for mom, dad, husband, wife, sibling, friend, etc.

Next, I would describe what my self-care job entails: allowing others to take on some of the multiple duties, allowing breaks in the morning and evening, allowing a wear your jeans and relax Friday, allowing a special treat once a month, scheduling family meetings once a week, scheduling friend time once a month, scheduling spiritual practices outside of the normal Sunday routines and giving yourself time to just sit and laugh over something simple. Your self-care job is daily, yes daily, with one of the above mentioned activities because no one else can make you do these except you!

How much will you earn? That depends on how much you invest in yourself. Most people think that taking care of others is the priority. It is true to a certain degree, but who is going to take care of them when you are not doing well? Some people might feel that is too much to add to the plate. This is your over-time where you will get paid time and a half of happiness, rest, energy, smiles, comfort, self-worth and a desire to live life fully.

How can you sign up and how many positions are open? Most people ask their friends if they know anyone who is hiring. You can ask a friend or loved one where you can find a “self-care job” for your mental well-being. We always have openings at Samaritan Counseling Center. We are ready to help you be the best Self-care worker you deserve to be in life.


By Susie Marquez

Featured in Odessa American